U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
                              Washington, DC 20549

                         NOTICE OF EXEMPT SOLICITATION

1. Name of the Registrant:

                               ORACLE CORPORATION

2.  Name of the person relying on exemption:

                              CTW INVESTMENT GROUP

3. Address of the person relying on exemption:

               1900 L STREET, NW, SUITE 900 WASHINGTON, DC 20036

4.  Written materials.  Attach written materials required to be submitted
pursuant to Rule 14a6(g)(1):

                             CTW INVESTMENT GROUP

Please Vote "No" on Say on Pay proposal at Oracle Corporation's (NYSE:ORCL)
Annual Meeting on October 31

Dear Oracle Shareholder,

We urge you to vote No on the Advisory Vote To Approve Executive Compensation
("Say on Pay"), and to Withhold support for the re-election of the three
directors serving on the Oracle board's Compensation Committee: Bruce R.
Chizen, George H. Conrades, and Naomi O. Seligman at the Oracle Corporation
annual meeting on October 31, 2013. Despite the majority vote opposing the
board's compensation plan at last year's annual meeting, following the strong
level of opposition registered at the 2011 meeting, Oracle's board and
Compensation Committee insist that "significant changes to our executive
compensation program [are] not warranted." We disagree, for the following

  * Oracle CEO Lawrence J. Ellison's compensation, as well as that of the other
    named executive officers, far outstrips that of its self-identified peers,
    even though Oracle's total shareholder returns for the past 5, 3, and 1
    year periods are below the mean and median for this peer group. (see
    Figure 1, 2, and 3 on reverse). While the company insists that Ellison's
    high pay is justified by his founder-CEO status, we note the stark
    contrast to other technology founder-CEOs, including Jeffrey Bezos,
    Lawrence Page, and the late Steve Jobs, who have received only minimal
    cash or stock-based compensation for many years.

  * The size of Oracle's stock option grants to Ellison are not tied to any
    performance measure, vest automatically without reference to performance,
    and payout on exercise without any adjustment for overall market or
    industry benchmarks.

  * Oracle's top-heavy distribution of pay, and particularly with a much larger
    share of options going to its named executive officers that its peers,
    indicates that the board and Compensation Committee need to take a broader
    view of human capital management (see Figure 4, reverse).

  * Oracle continues to provide personal security for Mr. Ellison at a cost of
    $1.5 million a year, and Mr. Ellison has again increased the number of
    shares pledged to cover personal indebtedness, to 215 million shares from
    139 million in 2012 and 40 million in 2011.

  * After 43.5% of non-insider shareholders rejected its Say on Pay resolution
    in 2011, the Compensation Committee did not alter Oracle's compensation
    program.  In 2012, 86% of non-insider shareholders rejected Oracle's Say
    on Pay resolution, a majority of non-insider shareholders withheld support
    from Compensation Committee Chairman Chizen, and roughly 49% of non-insider
    shareholders withheld from directors Conrades and Seligman.  Nonetheless,
    the board and Compensation Committee again declined to make "significant
    changes" to its compensation program (see Figure 5, reverse).

Given the unwillingness of the board and the Compensation Committee to make
significant changes to its executive compensation practices despite the clear
signs of shareholder disapproval at each of the past two annual meetings,
shareholders have no option but to oppose the re-election of Compensation
Committee directors.

The CtW Investment Group works with union sponsored pension funds to enhance
long-term shareholder returns through active ownership. These funds have $250
billion in assets under management and are substantial Oracle shareholders.



Dieter Waizenegger
Executive Director

1900 L Street, NW  Suite 900  Washington, DC 20036


                      Figure 1:  CEO (OR TOP NAMED EXECUTIVE OFFICER)
                                 TOTAL COMPENSATION

	2008	    2009	2010	    2011        2012        2013

Oracle $84,598,700 $84,501,759 $70,143,075 $77,559,820 $96,160,696 $78,440,657

Peer   $21,331,859 $19,420,815 $21,853,529 $42,658,106 $29,167,259 $37,795,690

Peer   $15,576,355 $13,996,589 $15,652,500 $16,104,847 $17,675,554 $17,473,207


    2008         2009         2010         2011         2012         2013

   $165,361,304 $190,232,806 $182,911,077 $282,932,050 $252,979,118 $213,031,987

Peer Group Mean
   $ 50,102,637 $ 42,991,201 $ 53,665,850 $ 81,548,369 $ 78,881,424 $ 64,472,206

Peer Group Median
   $ 50,473,457 $ 41,716,672 $ 40,398,121 $ 53,682,600 $ 63,625,937 $ 64,472,206

                      Figure 3:  TOTAL SHAREHOLDER RETURN

               1 Year     2 Year     5 Year

Oracle          5.7%       8.7%      12.4%

Peer Group     12.8%      14.6%      12.5%

Peer Group     10.7%      16.4%      12.7%

                     Figure 4:  OPTIONS GOING TO NEOs VS. TOTAL GRANT

               2013/12    2012/11    2011/10

Oracle         19.1%      20.5%      29.8%

Peer Group      7.7%       5.95       5.0%

Peer Group      7.5%        5.5%       4.3%

                      Figure 5:  OPPOSITION VOTES CAST AS % OF NON-INSIDER VOTES

               2011     2012

Chizen         12.4%    56.2%

Conrades       14.0%    49.3%

Seligman       14.1%    45.0%

Say on Pay     47.6%    86.0%