Filed by Echostar Communications Corporation
                           Pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act of 1933
                                        and deemed filed pursuant to Rule 14a-12
                                         of the Securities Exchange Act of  1934

                              Subject Companies: Hughes Electronics Corporation,
                                                      General Motors Corporation
                                         and EchoStar Communications Corporation
                                                   Commission File No. 333-84472
                                                          Date:  August 14, 2002

The following is a transcript of a videotape that was distributed.

Studio Anchor on-camera                                       STUDIO ANCHOR O/C: TODAY, NEARLY 40 MILLION HOMES CAN NOT RECEIVE
                                                              LOCAL TV PROGRAMMING VIA DBS, OR DIRECT BROADCAST SATELLITE
                                                              TELEVISION. WELL, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF TELEVISION MIGHT BE EXPANDING
                                                              ITS UNIVERSE - AS SOON AS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT APPROVES IT. MARIANNE
                                                              SCHWAB REPORTS...

-------------------------------------------------- ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
                      VIDEO                          TIME                                      AUDIO
-------------------------------------------------- ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
1.   INT. - People/Family  watching local TV                  REPORTER  V/O: WATCHING TELEVISION IS EASILY ONE OF THE GREAT
     (2)                                                      AMERICAN PASTIMES AND UNTIL DBS WAS INTRODUCED, CABLE WAS THE ONLY
2.   EXT - DBS installation                                   OPTION FOR MULTI-CHANNEL PROGRAMMING.  THE ONLY CATCH IS,NEARLY 40
3.   EXT - Rural Homes (2)                                    MILLION HOMES AND THOUSANDS OF COMMUNITIES CAN'T GET THEIR LOCAL
4.   INT. - Person watching local news                        TV STATIONS VIA SATELLITE.  THAT ALL MAY CHANGE REAL SOON.
     Satellite Dish                                           ELECTRONICS, PARENT COMPANIES OF THE DISH NETWORK AND DIRECTV DBS
7.   EXT.  - Rocket launch                                    THEY FILED AN APPLICATION WITH THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION
8.   GRAPHIC - Satellite Animaton                             TO LAUNCH AND OPERATE A NEW SATELLITE.
10.  Spokesperson on-camera                                   SHAW  O/C: "This proposal is new from the standpoint that we are
--------------------------------------------------            going to be able to provide local channels to all 210 television
SUPER:  Jack Shaw,  President, CEO, Hughes                    markets in the United States.
11.  GRAPHIC - US Map: Future- 210 Local
12.  DISSOLVE TO: GRAPHIC U.S. Map-Current-
     47  Local Markets
13.  EXT. Rocket launch control center                        REPORTER  V/O: THE NEW SATELLITE WILL WORK IN CONCERT WITH FOUR OTHER
14.  EXT. Rocket launch sequence                              DIRECTV AND ECHOSTAR SPACECRAFT IN THREE ORBITAL SLOTS.  THIS,
15.  Satellite -  Animation                                   COMBINED WITH EFFICIENCIES GAINED THROUGH THE MERGER, WILL MAKE IT
16.  EXT. Homes in rural location                             POSSIBLE TO DELIVER LOCAL CHANNELS TO EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN EVERY
17.  INT. Man working on internet/PC laptop                   TELEVISION MARKET IN THE COUNTRY, INCLUDING RURAL AND UNDER-SERVED
     digital "Haves" (67 Million Households)                  DIVIDE BY OFFERING AFFORDABLE HIGH-SPEED SATELLITE INTERNET ACCESS TO
     Bridges the "Digital Divide" (107 Million
20.  Spokesperson on-camera                                   ERGEN  O/C:  "We realize that unless we combine our subscriber bases,
-------------------------------------------------             we can never ever effectively offer broadband services to rural
SUPER:                                                        America."
CHARLES Ergen,  Chairman, CEO, EchoStar
21.  EXT.  Rural landscape                                    REPORTER  V/O: PEOPLE  LIVING IN RURAL AREAS, WHO DO NOT NOW HAVE
22.  EXT. Man working in garden at rural home                 ACCESS TO DSL AND CABLE MODEMS, WILL SOON HAVE ACCESS TO HIGH-SPEED
23.  INT. Man on DSL internet connection at                   INTERNET SERVICE VIA SATELLITE AND AT AFFORDABLE RATES.
24.  INT. CU on mouse
25.  EXT. Building exterior pan to Satellite                  REPORTER  V/O: THE DELIVERY OF LOCAL CHANNELS IN THE 210 MARKETS IS
     Dish                                                     CONTINGENT UPON THE PROPOSED HUGHES-ECHOSTAR MERGER RECEIVING
26.  INT. Merger Conference                                   APPROVALS FROM THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION AND THE
28.  EXT. Rocket launch                                       SPOT-BEAM SATELLITE.

29.  GRAPHIC - Satellite launch animation
30.  GRAPHIC -  satellite in space animation
31.  Spokesperson on-camera                                   HARTENSTEIN O/C: - "Together HUGHES and EchoStar will have the
-------------------------------------------------             spectrum and the technical prowess to deliver ubiquitous broadband
SUPER:  Eddy Hartenstein,  Chairman, CEO, DIRECTV             services for customers for both nationwide and enterprise customers
-------------------------------------------------             worldwide."

32.  INT. Merger Conference                                   REPORTER  V/O: ONLY IF THIS PROPOSED MERGER IS APPROVED, WILL
33.  EXT. Rural home                                          HOUSEHOLDS IN SMALL AND RURAL TELEVISION MARKETS IN EVERY STATE
34.  EXT. Dish Network Satellite                              FINALLY HAVE A COMPETITIVE ALTERNATIVE TO CABLE OPERATORS WHO HAVE
35.  INT.  Pan family watching TV                             HAD VIRTUAL LOCAL MONOPOLIES ON SERVICE.  THIS IS MARIANNE SCHWAB.

                                                            B-ROLL (4:02)
                                                        ADDITIONAL SOUNDBITES

1.   Spokesperson on-camera                                   SHAW  O/C: "This proposal is new from the standpoint that we are
-------------------------------------------------             going to be able to provide local channels to all 210 television
SUPER:                                                        markets in the United States.
Jack Shaw, President, CEO, Hughes                             So that for the first time, people in rural communities won't be
Electronics                                                   disadvantaged relative to their counterparts in metropolitan cities."
2.   Spokesperson on-camera                                   ERGEN O/C:  "We realize that unless we combine our subscriber bases,
-------------------------------------------------             we can never ever effectively offer broadband services to rural
SUPER:                                                        America. And we say, 'Why should people in rural America not have the
-------------------------------------------------             same broadband service that people have where there's a cable or
CHARLES Ergen,  Chairman, CEO, EchoStar                       phone company?'."

3.   Spokesperson on-camera                                   HARTENSTEIN  O/C:  "Together DIRECTV and Dish Network have over 16
-------------------------------------------------             million customers and today represent one out of every six households
SUPER:  Eddy Hartenstein,  Chairman, CEO, DIRECTV             in the United States.  And together have an unprecedented
                                                              technological set of resources for interactive services over the
                                                              television, high definition television and personal video recording
                                                              capabilities. Together Hughes HUGHES and EchoStar will have the
                                                              spectrum and the technical prowess to deliver ubiquitous broadband
                                                              services for customers both nationwide and enterprise customers

                                                          ADDITIONAL B-ROLL

1.   GRAPHIC Of U.S. Map Current- 47 Local Markets
2.   GRAPHIC - US Map Future- 210 Local Markets.
3.   GRAPHIC: U.S. Map "Broadband: The digital
     "Haves" (67 Million Households)
4.   GRAPHIC: U.S. Map Merger Bridges the "Digital
     Divide" (107 Million Households)
5.   Push from WS - house with Dish Network
6.   Pan from rocks to house
7.   Pull from house CU to WS with fence
8.   CU little boy eating cookie
9.   OTS boy watching TV
10.  OTS family watching TV


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capable of offering over 500 channels of digital video and CD-quality audio
programming, as well as advanced satellite TV receiver hardware and
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and Hughes may not be integrated successfully or such integration may be more
difficult, time-consuming or costly than expected; (2) expected benefits and
synergies from the combination may not be realized within the expected time
frame or at all; (3) revenues following the transaction may be lower than
expected; (4) operating costs, customer loss and business disruption including,
without limitation, difficulties in maintaining relationships with employees,
customers, clients or suppliers, may be greater than expected following the
transaction; (5) generating the incremental growth in the subscriber base of the
combined company may be more costly or difficult than expected; (6) the
regulatory approvals required for the transaction may not be obtained on the
terms expected or on the anticipated schedule; (7) the effects of legislative
and regulatory changes; (8) an inability to obtain certain retransmission
consents; (9) an inability to retain necessary authorizations from the FCC; (10)
an increase in competition from cable as a result of digital cable or otherwise,
direct broadcast satellite, other satellite system operators, and other
providers of subscription television services; (11) the introduction of new
technologies and competitors into the subscription television business; (12)
changes in labor, programming, equipment and capital costs; (13) future
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