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Rule 425 under the Securities Act of 1933 and
deemed filed pursuant to Rule 14a-12 and
Rule 14d-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Subject Company: The Walt Disney Company
Commission File No. 001-11605

Date: February 11, 2004

     The following presentation was used in connection with Comcast Corporation’s conference call:

Creating an Entertainment and
Communications Leader

February 11, 2004


Brian L. Roberts
President and CEO
Comcast Corporation


Overview of the Proposed Transaction


n Merger between Comcast and Disney
n Offers Disney shareholders a premium plus full participation in the combination benefits
n Comcast will issue 0.78 Class A voting shares for each Disney share 
  Disney shareholders will own 42% of combined company
n Tax free to Comcast and Disney shareholders
n Includes Disney Board members on Comcast Board



Broadband Distribution Leader
n 39.8 million homes passed
n 21.5 million cable subscribers
n 5.3 million broadband subscribers
n 1.3 million telephone subscribers
n Presence in 22 of top 25 markets
n 2003 Revenue: $18.3Bn
n 2003 EBITDA: $6.4Bn



Leading Entertainment Properties


One of the World’s Premier Entertainment and Communications Companies



Stephen B. Burke
Comcast Cable


Compelling Value Creation for All Shareholders

    Area   Estimated Year 3
Cash Flow Benefit

n Restore Disney’s Operating Results    
  Bring ABC performance towards industry norms   $300 – $500MM
  Increase cable network profitability towards Comcast levels   $200 – 300MM
  Improve other business results   TBD
n Realize Opportunities from Combination    
  Cost savings and economies of scale   $300 – $400MM
  New business opportunities   TBD
    Total   $800 – $1,200MM



Opportunity to Recapture Disney’s Potential

Significant Cash Flow Declines Since 1998


Note: (1) Source: Company SEC filings. Figures on an as reported basis. Internet segment excluded for 1998


Disney Segments Have Underperformed

Television Broadcasting

TV Network and Stations
Financial Performance (1)

NBC 1,400
FOX     900
CBS     800

ABC          0

Halfway to Third Place: $300–$500MM


Note: (1) Based on Company and Wall Street equity research estimates



Disney Segments Have Underperformed

Cable Networks

Selected Cable Network|
Financial Performance(1)

  2003 EBITDA Margin

  ($MM) (%)
E!   156 48.9
Golf Channel      81 46.0
Viacom Cable Networks 2,368 41.9
Scripps Networks    204 38.2
ESPN Channels(2)    950 25.0
Other Disney Cable Networks (Disney Channel, ABC Family, SoapNet and Toon(2)    300 19.0
Halfway to Industry 40% Margins
Plus Incremental Distribution: $200–$300MM


Notes: (1) Fiscal Year EBITDA based on Company SEC filings, adjusted for one-time charges
(2) Based on Company and Wall Street equity research estimates



Improve Other Business Results

Reignite the World’s Greatest Entertainment Businesses

n Empower Disney animation team to build on legacy of success
  From 1991 to 1994, Disney released Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992) and The Lion King (1994), which collectively have generated over $1.5Bn in total box office receipts
  No Disney produced animated release has come close since 1999
  Animation success drives Consumer Products and Theme Parks
n The Disney theme parks are America's favorite vacation destinations
  Drive attendance via advertising and cross-promotion in all aspects of combined company
  Restore energy and creativity in attractions, hotels and concessions
All Upside to Projected Value Creation



Significant Cost Savings and Economies of Scale

n Eliminating duplicate corporate and divisional functions
n Eliminating overlapping operations (cable channels, Internet, advertising, etc.)
n Other savings due to scale and scope
Targeted Annual Expense Reduction: $300-$400MM



Significant New Business Opportunities

n Launch successful new cable channels
n Maximize interactive technologies for digital cable customers
  VOD movies in attractive windows
  Time shifted ABC programming
  ESPN interactive television features
n Develop new online content / services for broadband customers
  Disney, ESPN, ABC content for portal
  Streaming Internet video subscription packages
n Leverage cross-promotion opportunities
  Extend ESPN sports brand to Golf, Outdoor Life and Regional Sports Networks
  Theme park cross-promotion opportunities



Proven Merger Integration Track Record

AT&T Broadband Acquisition Case Study

n AT&T Broadband 1.5x the Size of Comcast When Acquired
n Far Exceeded Margin Improvement Guidance
n Immediately Reversed Basic Subscriber Loss
n Accelerated System Upgrades — Now 93% Complete
n Seamless Management Integration/Transition
n Significant Launch of New Products and Services
  Accelerated broadband deployment
  2 new cable networks
  New regional sports network
  Expansive VOD offering



Brian L. Roberts
President and CEO
Comcast Corporation

Experienced World Class Management Team

n Proven Merger Integration Track Record
n Proven Track Record of Content Value Creation
n “Best of Both Companies” Management Approach



Proven Track Record of Content Value Creation

    Value Today
n Average 18% OCF growth over 10 years  
n 37% IRR on original investment $14.1Bn
Subscribers Increase Since 1999  
74MM 28% $1.75–2.00Bn

30MM 540% $300–500MM

50MM 92 $1.25–1.75Bn

51MM 176% $700–1,000MM

7MM 18% $400–600MM

12MM N/A $200–300MM

    Total $18.720.3Bn
Opportunity to Enhance Disney Cable Network Performance and
Launch New Channels

Source: Wall Street equity research estimates. Value represents 100% of the equity for each entity



Consistent Shareholder Value Creation


Note: (1) Published on September 27, 2002



Strong Combined Financial Position

  ($Bn) ($Bn) ($Bn)
FY 2004 Consensus Estimates:      
    Revenue   $20.3 $28.8  $49.1
    EBITDA       7.5     4.6     12.0
    Free Cash Flow
      2.0     1.7       3.7
Balance Sheet Summary:      
    Total Assets (1) $109.2 $50.0 $159.2
    Total Net Debt (1)         21.1(2)    11.9         33.0(2)
    Net Debt/FY 2003 EBITDA (x)      3.3x    3.1x      3.2x

Notes: (1) Comcast as of December 31, 2003; Disney as of September 30, 2003
             (2) Excludes exchangeables



A Powerful and Transforming Combination


n Creates one of the World’s Premier Entertainment and Communications Companies
n Maximizes the Value of Content and Distribution
n Compelling Value Creation for All Shareholders
n Accelerates the Digital Future for Consumers
n Experienced World Class Management Team
n Strong Balance Sheet and Free Cash Flow Generation


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